How To Purchase Our Products

signal rock farm lamb cuts

Grass Fed Lamb Meat:

All of our meat is processed and packaged at a USDA facility where the fresh cut meat is flash frozen and vacuum sealed for maximum quality and long term storage.  We sell our lamb as individual cuts of meat, or as whole /half lambs that are cut and packaged the same as the individual cuts of meat.  You select from 4 different cutting options when purchasing a whole lamb and 3 different options for a half lamb.  This allows you to chose between rib chops and a rack, or stew meat and ground, or shoulder chops and a boneless shoulder roast, etc.   This is be far the more economical way to purchase our wonderful meat as we pass the savings on to you.


Ordering can be done easiest through our website online order forms, just click on the link below to place an order:

Whole Lamb Order Form

Half Lamb Order Form

Individual Cuts Order Form


When placing an order for a whole lamb we need a $100 deposit and $50 for a half lamb to complete your order, the rest is paid on delivery with either cash or check.  The deposit can be done either by mailing us a check or through paypal.  Once you submit the order we confirm the order with an email.   We contact you when your order is ready. It's September 1st, 2021 and we are currently sold out of all lamb until November 2021 when we begin processing again.   We are now taking orders for delivery this Fall.

We take orders year round for cuts, whole and halves.  

To pick up your orders we have several options:

  • On Farm Pick Up in Charlton for those wanting to visit the farm or who live locally. 

  • Meet you somewhere between your place and our farm in a parking lot.

  • For those traveling by us on the Mass Pike (Route I90), we can meet you in the Charlton Rest Area so you don't have to get off the highway.

  • Free Home Delivery to Lexington and the surrounding areas.  No need to be home, you simply leave a cooler in a safe place with a check for us and we place your meat in the cooler.

  • Home Delivery within one hour of Charlton MA

  • Home Delivery Group Coordinated - where we coordinate other customers in your area all getting deliveries the same day.

  • Click Here For More Information

Signal Rock Farm Wool Roving

Wool Products:

All of our wool products are available through our online store where we provide free shipping within the US and can also be picked up here at the Farm in Charlton, MA.  

We do not have a farm store per se but we do sell everything here at the farm.  We ask that you contact us either by phone or email with a date and time when you would like to come by for a pick up or have a tour of the farm.  

signal rock farm hay
signal rock farm hay huts

Hay and Hay Huts:

All hay and hay huts are pickup by the customer on our farm in Charlton MA.  

We ONLY deliver hay within a 10 mile radius of our farm and ONLY during hay season when we still have it on our wagons, before we have unloaded it into our barn for long term storage.

Click here for more information about our hay for sale.

Click here for more information about our hay huts for sale.