Delivery of Lamb Meat Explained

We know it's a little confusing how you actually get your lamb meat from us !  So ... I am hoping this makes it easier to understand and answers all of your questions.  If not please feel free to call me at (508) 248 - 1845 or email me at


It's June 2020 and we are currently sold out of all lamb but we are taking orders for Fall delivery of whole and half lambs and cuts.

Our goal is to NOT have to charge you any delivery fee's at all!  We want to make our meat as accessible as possible to you while minimizing the cost of delivery to you.   We have many customers in various pockets around the state of MA - for instance, Hingham, Plymouth, and Quincy - we will make a trip passing through all three of these areas and drop meat off to 5 to 10 customers in one day and not have to charge anyone a delivery fee.  These locations are all more than an hour from us but by delivering to a group it becomes cost effective for us and we share the savings with you.  We are trying to form groups of buyers in other areas as well - like the Marblehead, Gloucester, Rockport region.  We have some customers in western MA and even upstate NY where I grew up - I bring meat up there when I go visit my family for the holidays.  So please go ahead and ask us how we  might deliver to you!  

To that end, we offer several delivery options in addition to pick up on our farm.  These options are available on our order forms.  Don't worry if you select one and change your mind, just email me and we will coordinate what works best for you.  Once you place your order and select your delivery option, we email you to let you know we received your order.  We follow up with another email when the meat is ready for delivery and we coordinate with you via email scheduling the delivery for each of the delivery options.

  • For those traveling by us on the Mass Pike (Route I90) we can meet you in the Charlton Rest Area going in either direction, so you don't have to get off the highway.

  • Lexington - chose this option for either pickup at the  Feastival Market on November 26th at Seasons Four between Noon and 4pm or at the Lexington Winter Market.

  • We will arrange to meet you somewhere between your home/work and our farm at a convenient time for both of us.

  • Home Delivery - scheduled based on what works best for both of us, you do not have to be home necessarily, often people leave us a check in a safe location and we leave the meat in a cooler that you leave out in a garage, etc.

  • Home Delivery - Group Coordinated - chose this option if you are more than an hour from us but would like home delivery due to your schedule.  We will work with you to deliver when we get a group of customers in your area and deliver to all of you that day.  Also, this is a great option to chose if you have several friends/family/coworkers placing orders for cuts and we can deliver to your area and just drop off at each home or office location  while we are in that area. If you get enough orders totaling more than $150, the $25 delivery fee is waived for each person in the group.

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