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Excellent Hay 

At Signal Rock Farm, we take care to provide our customers with the highest quality hay that your horses can't wait to eat. The hay is tested with samples from first, second and third cuttings. The nutritional information from the hay testing allows us to balance the diet of the horses in our boarding barn with the correct quantity and quality of concentrate (grain)  to meet their needs.  We can provide a nutritional analysis from a sampling of our hay.


We test the soils in our hay fields and fertilize according to the test results for maximum quality.  We add a specialized selenium additive (from New Zealand) to our fertilizer to address the selenium deficiency that all soils in the northeast have.  The soil fertility translates into better quality, higher nutrition hay which means feeding less grain to meet the horses needs, this leads to less colic and overall much happier, healthier horses. Our customers from large show barns have seen a dramatic increase in weight gain in their horses on our hay while using significantly less grain. Since switching to our hay, they have not had a horse colic because they no longer need to feed so much grain to meet the horses needs for competition and showing.


We deliver hay by the wagon load right off the hay field if within 10 miles of our barn.  Each wagon holds 175 to 200 bales.  This option is available during the hay season only.

1st Cut Hay Square or Round Bales

A mix of Timothy and Alfalfa or a mix of Orchard grass and clover, each square bale weighs about 45 lbs when put up and is tightly strung to make for easy storage and stacking.   Each round bale weighs about 500 lbs (equal to 12 square bales) and is stored in our barn.

2nd Cut Hay Square and Round Bales

Our 2nd cut hay is a mix of Timothy and Alfalfa or a mix of Orchard grass and clover, each square bale weighs about 45 lbs when put up and is tightly strung to make for easy storage and stacking, round bales about 500lb each.  

Round Bales

We round bale the same hay fields that we make square bales out of and at the same time so each bale is of the same high quality of the square bales. This is not cow's hay but high quality horse hay.  We store the round bales in our barn without plastic wrap so they breathe, while keeping completely dry. Each bale weighs about 500 lbs (equal to 12 square bales).  

For Pricing and Availability

Call or text Kevin at (774) 601 - 3781



We are happy to help find the best solutions for you. 

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