We are a small family farm located in the hills of Charlton, Massachusetts.

​We raise about 100 lambs and make over 11,000 bales of hay each year.  

As grass farmers we work to constantly improve the soil and the quality of grasses in our fields. 

Our Ewes Fall Grazing - Field Off The Barn

Our lambs are born in the early spring, making it our busiest time of year.  We lamb in our winter hay storage barn.  We convert the wide, open space of the barn into lambing...


Throughout the early summer months the lambs continue to nurse their moms while eating lots of fresh grasses in our beautiful hay fields. They generally eat grass for about...


As the days get shorter, we are always surprised that summer is over.  With so many things left on the summer “to do list” we try to squeeze them in to the warmer fall days..


Each winter we move our pregnant ewes, rams and all the guard llama’s into their winter quarters.  This is usually the field behind our home that is protected by...

Our Ewe Lambs With Winesap
Tower Hill North Field

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62 H.K. Davis Road

Charlton, MA 01507

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