Lamb By The Cut

Signal Rock Farm sells individual cuts of lamb, all processed and packaged at a USDA facility where it is vacuum sealed and flash frozen.  We do not ship lamb meat.  Our meat is available for either a scheduled pick up on the farm or just give us a call (508) 248 - 1845 if you are passing through the neighborhood and we will try to accommodate you.   We do not keep store hours but one of us is usually around.  We also offer a variety of delivery options including:

  • Farm in Charlton, MA - any size order

  • Free Home Delivery to Lexington MA and surrounding area - any size order

  • Other - Somewhere between our Farm and You - for orders greater than $100

  • Mass Pike (I90) Charlton Rest Area in either direction, no need to get off the pike - free for any size order

  • Free Home Delivery within 1 hour of Charlton, MA  - for orders $150 or greater

  • Home Delivery Group Coordinated - $25 fee on orders less than $150

  • Click here for more details on delivery of our lamb meat.


To place an order just fill in the Order Cuts form below, be sure to list the cut you want, approx lbs of each cut and/or quantity.  For example: loin chops - 3 chops, leg of lamb 2.5lb.  We will confirm with you via email that we received your order and to schedule delivery.  You pay when the meat is delivered. 


It's September 1st, 2021 and we are currently sold out of all lamb until November 2021 when we begin processing again.   We are now taking orders for delivery this Fall.

Signal Rock Farm grass fed lam
Roast lamb leg with rus

Rack of Lamb (8 ribs; approx. 2 - 3 lbs/package)                      $22 .48/ lb


Rib Chops (package of 4 chops, approx 1 lb/package)          $22.48 / lb


Loin Chops (package of 4 chops, approx 1 lb/package)        $20.48 / lb


Lamb Kebobs (approx 1 lb/package)                                              $16.48 / lb


Leg of Lamb 

(half leg – boneless, approx 1.5 - 3 lbs)                                         $15.48 / lb 

(half leg – bone in, approx 2.5 – 4 lbs)                                           $13.48 / lb


Shoulder Roast (boneless, trimmed, approx 3 lbs/pkg)     $13.48 / lb


Sausage Links (made with lamb casing, no pork

                                   choice of hot, sweet, churizo, or garlic/parsley 

                                    approx 1 lb/pkg)                                                   $14.98 / lb                                                       

Sausage Patty (breakfast - 4ox patties, 4 to a package)     $13.98 / lb


Lamb Stew (boneless - approx 1 lb/package)                           $13.48 / lb


Ground Lamb (approx 1 lb/package)                                             $13.48 / lb


Shoulder Chops (3/4” thick, approx 1 – 2 lbs/package)      $11.98 / lb


Shanks Small (small approx 1 - 1.5 lbs each)                            $ 11.98 / lb


Riblets                                                                                                           $ 7.98 / lb


Liver, Heart and Kidneys (approx 1/2 lb/package)               $ 4.98 / lb


Lamb Bones (for stock, approx 2 - 5 lb/package)                   $ 3 .98/ lb

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